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Adnan Ezzarhouni

Adnan Ezzarhouni has contributed to the development of GTT since 2001 and currently serves as General Manager of GTT China.
Before assuming this position, he occupied various posts in GTT, including Designer, Project Engineer, Project Leader and Business Development Manager, in the Technical, Innovation and Commercial Divisions.
He spent 4 years as Project Leader in charge of the development of the new generation of Membrane Full Containment System for onshore tanks, and was published as Author or Co-Author of ensuing patents.
In 2014, Adnan also led the new Ethane shipping market with the development of the world’s first VLECs (Very Large Ethane Carrier) that began operation in 2017.
Adnan holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Master’s Degree in International Operation Management. He is also graduated with an Executive MBA at French Business School “HEC”. Adnan is also a Principal member of world leading LNG facility standard “NFPA 59a”.

Patrick Janssens

Patrick Janssens is currently serving as ABS Vice President LNG, Corporate Global Gas Solutions and is responsible for coordinating LNG-related activities within ABS on a corporate level.

Prior to joining ABS, Janssens served as Senior Vice President of Technology at Flex LNG where he focused on conceptual development and FEED of a generic floating LNG liquefaction project. He also served as Chief Technical Officer of Exmar Marine NV where he was in charge of the development of the first LNG regasification vessels from conceptual design to the development of all operational procedures and the development of the first commercially used ship to ship LNG transfer system. He managed newbuildings projects for several LNG carriers, LPG/NH3 carriers, oil tankers, bulk carriers and container ships.

Janssens holds a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Ghent in Belgium.


Luo Xiaofeng

Mr Luo Xiaofeng graduated from Wuhan University of Water Transportation Engineering in 1986, he joined CCS the same year, and was promoted to General Manager for CCS Singapore branch in 2004. From May 2011 to now, he directed and completed the establishment of Index System for the Standardized Inland Waterways Ships, Rules for Green Inland Ships, Guidelines for Evaluation of Inland Waterways Ships’ Collision Resistance Ability, Rules for Natural Gas Fuelled Ships, Rules for Classification and Construction of Liquefied Natural Gas Bunkering Pontoons, Rules for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering ships, Technical Regulations for Statutory Inspection of Inland Waterway Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk, and Rules for construction of inland waterway ships(2016), etc. He has taken charge of a great variety of national scientific research projects (launched by MOT, MIIT, and MOST) and received prestigious awards due to his outstanding contributions.

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