Gavin Thompson

Gavin joined Wood Mackenzie in 1997, managing the company’s Asia Pacific Energy Markets team from 2000-2003. Between 2003 and 2014 Gavin was based in Beijing managing Wood Mackenzie’s China content. During this time he worked on a range of projects with domestic and international energy companies including the development of international growth strategies, upstream opportunity screening, LNG project evaluation, Chinese provincial gas price forecasting, analysis of the Chinese CBM market, and the influence of China on Pacific Basin gas markets and pricing. Gavin relocated to Wood Mackenzie’s Tokyo office in January 2014 to head Wood Mackenzie’s gas and power research across North East Asia.

In February 2016 Gavin returned to Wood Mackenzie’s Beijing office to lead the overall commodity coverage on China.


Li Yalan

Ms Li has nearly 30 years’ experience working in the natural gas industry. Her rich experiences encompass gas planning, technology, strategy, distribution and investment management. Ms Li has led the formulation and implementation of Development Strategy for Beijing Gas Group and a series of Natural Gas Development Plans for the city of Beijing. Ms Li has lots of engineering and managerial experiences which she has acquired from the leading roles she has played in both the Chinese government and enterprise. Ms Li is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Beijing Gas Group.


Wei Xiaowei

Ezhar Yazid Jaafar

Ezhar Yazid Jaafar has been with PETRONAS for over 25 years. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of LNG Marketing & Trading as well as assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS LNG Ltd (PLL). His current role requires him to direct and lead the successful implementation of the organizational philosophy, process and procedures in line with the company’s vision and mission and to ensure the company’s long term sustainability and continued value optimization in line with PETRONAS Global LNG aspiration.

Ezhar sits on the Board of various PETRONAS subsidiaries namely PETRONAS LNG Ltd (PLL), PETRONAS Energy Trading Ltd (PETL), PETRONAS LNG (UK) Ltd (PLUK), PETRONAS Energy (India) Private Ltd (PEIPL) and Chairman for Japan Malaysia Co. Ltd (Jamalco) Board.

Ezhar holds a Bach.of Engineering (Civil) – University of Wollongong, Australia and a Master of Business Administration- Mt. Eliza Business School, University of Queensland, Australia.

Wu Yuneng

Guo Zonghua

Mr Guo Zonghua is from Xian, Shaanxi province. He is a Senior Engineer, national chartered Electrical Engineer and President of the Gas Design Institute of Shaanxi. Mr Guo Zonghua is currently working for the Gas Design Institute of Shaanxi which ranks first in the industry, throughout the country for LNG plants, LNG car gas charging stations and CNG car gas charging station designs. Mr Guo Zonghua has worked in the Six Design Institute at the Ministry of Chemical Industry, and was responsible for petro-chemical device design. He is also a member of the LNG branch of the China Natural Gas Standardization Technology Committee, Vice Director of the LNG branch of the China Industrial Gases Association, Director of China City Gas Association and Head of the Drafting Group of National Standard Design Specification of LNG Plants, Fire-proof Design Specification of LNG Stations (land based), Design Specification of the Charging Terminal of LNG Ships and Compiling Unit of Design & Construction Specification of Oil and Gas Charging Station for Cars.

Liu Xibin

Matt Schatzman

Matt Schatzman joined NextDecade in September 2017 with nearly 30 years’ experience in the energy industry, including in senior executive roles with BG Group and Dynegy. Mr. Schatzman’s unique contributions to the transformative growth of BG Group’s global LNG business as well as his recognized expertise as a strategic thinker with a keen execution focus makes him uniquely suited to steer NextDecade through to its final investment decision.

As President and CEO, Mr. Schatzman is responsible for advancing the core business priorities of NextDecade, building critical organizational infrastructure and driving commercial delivery as the Company evolves from the development phases of its Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline projects and into construction and operations.

In addition to managing an international portfolio of LNG, shipping and commodity trading positions, Mr. Schatzman’s expertise extends to hedging, risk management and process improvement across a diverse portfolio of development and operating assets.

Mr. Schatzman graduated from Yale University with a BA in Political Science and has been an active member of several energy industry boards and associations.

Tarek Souki

Tarek joined Tellurian as Senior Vice President – LNG Trading in August 2016. He was most recently the VP of Finance and Business Development at Cheniere Marketing in charge of all middle and back office and finance for the marketing and trading group. Before Cheniere, Tarek spent 14 years in working for various financial institutions including most recently at Credit Suisse in New York and London. There he specialized in power, energy, and mining corporate and project finance. He earned an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BA in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

Frank Kretschmer

Frank Kretschmer began his employment with BEB, an ExxonMobil joint venture in Germany, in April 1993. He held several technical and commercial positions in his early career.

Following the restructuring of BEB’s business Mr. Kretschmer has worked in various commercial roles in our European organizations and was responsible for ExxonMobil’s short term sales portfolio for Europe and managed all commercial aspects of ExxonMobil owned and operated natural gas midstream assets in Norway, Germany, Netherlands and UK.

Mr. Kretschmer managed the flowing gas and LNG business development activities for ExxonMobil’s Qatar business starting 2008. He ensured appropriate shareholder oversight to various ExxonMobil/Qatar Petroleum LNG joint ventures.

Since August 2013 Mr. Kretschmer served as Vice President LNG Market Development in Houston, Texas. He has been involved in the development of ExxonMobil’s global LNG marketing strategies and its implementation. He provided oversight to the development of several LNG development projects for ExxonMobil.

Mr. Kretschmer started in his new role as Senior VP LNG Marketing at ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in June 2017.

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