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Li Yalan

Ms Li has nearly 30 years’ experience working in the natural gas industry. Her rich experiences encompass gas planning, technology, strategy, distribution and investment management. Ms Li has led the formulation and implementation of Development Strategy for Beijing Gas Group and a series of Natural Gas Development Plans for the city of Beijing. Ms Li has lots of engineering and managerial experiences which she has acquired from the leading roles she has played in both the Chinese government and enterprise. Ms Li is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Beijing Gas Group.


Zhang Rongwang

Mr. Zhang Rongwang, President of CNOOC Gas and Power Trading & Marketing Branch, who has engaged in the natural gas industry for over 20 years, has rich experience and unique insights on the development of natural gas industry and market dynamics, as well as LNG trading and LNG business management.

Wang Zhehong

Mr. Wang was born in 1962. He graduated from Tongji University in 1984 and got the EMBA in Fudan University later. He has also received training in Gaz de France and The University of Chicago.

Mr. Wang has long been working for the planning, construction and operation management of key gas projects in Shanghai. He has taken the leaderships such as GM of Shanghai Pudong Gas Company, GM of Shanghai Natural Gas Pipeline Networks Company, Chairman of Shanghai LNG Company and etc. Mr. Wang is awarded Special Allowance by State Council. He is the expert and leader in City Gas Discipline both for Ministry of Construction and Shanghai Municipality.

Zhu Jianwen

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