Stevens Zhang

Ma Shenyuan

Mr Ma Shenyuan graduated from China Petroleum University and Research Institute of Petroleum Processing with Bachelors and Masters’ degrees in Petroleum Processing and Petro-Chemistry. He worked for CNPC and Sinopec for the first few years of his career as an engineer in the Oilfield and Research Institute (RIPP). He joined the State Planning Commission in 1990 and the State Administration of Petroleum and Chemical Industries in 1998 as Division Director working on oil and gas policy-making, planning, projects/investment and industry management. Mr Ma Shenyuan joined Shell China in 2000 as BDM, GM Business Development and GM for LNG and NBD for Greater China. He was responsible for gas and LNG related marketing, mid-stream and downstream business development, including 3 years in Australia supporting the Gorgon project commercial and LNG marketing. He then joined ENN Group in 2014 as VP responsible for ENN LNG Trading and International Business Development.



ZHANG Yuqing

Delphi Sun

Kristine Leo

Philip Olivier

Nigel Kuzemko

Gu Anzhong

Professor Gu Anzhong is a professor and PhD supervisor at the Mechanical and Power Engineering College at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He graduated from the Marine Power Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1962 and chose to continue working there, being made Associate Professor in 1986 and Professor in 1993 and in the following year, he was approved as a PhD supervisor. Between 1982 and 1985 he studied in both IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) and GTI (Gas Technology Institute) in the US as a visiting scholar. His previous positions in Shanghai Jiao Tong University include Deputy Director of the Refrigeration & Cryogenic Engineering Institute, Deputy Director of the Engineering Thermal Physics Institute and Dean of the Refrigeration & Cryogenic Engineering Department. He has also been a member of the Cryogenic Gas Liquefaction Separation Committee of IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration), a member of the China Refrigeration Institute Council and the Cryogenic Professional Committee, an Executive Director of the Shanghai Refrigeration Institute and the Director of the Cryogenic Professional Committee in Shanghai. He now serves as Director of the LNG & Clean Energy Technology Development Centre of at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, President of the Shanghai LNG New Energy Technology Co. Ltd and General Secretary of the China LNG Association. In his 45 years of teaching and researching in refrigeration & cryogenic engineering, Professor Gu Anzhong has tutored 20 Doctors, 24 Masters and 3 Post Doctors.

Zhang Mi


Mr Zhang Mi serves as the Executive Director, President and Chairman of the board of Honghua Group Ltd.

Mr Zhang founded Honghua in 1997 as an 11-person workshop. Within 10 years, he led the company to become the biggest exporter of drilling rigs in China and one of the largest land drilling rig manufacturers in the world.

Mr Zhang is an expert in oil rigs, marine engineering and petroleum exploration equipment development. Today, Mr. Zhang is leading his team to promote Honghua’s offshore manufacturing plant through the “Honghai Crane”, a shale gas integrated solution and smart rig which will lead to industry wide technological revolutions.

Mr Zhang has received honors from the State Council of China as a government certified Special Technical Expert. He also serves as a part-time professor at China University of Petroleum, Southwest Petroleum University and Jilin University.

Li Yulong

Senior engineer, Ph.D from Tianjin University, EMBA from University of Washington, international engineering expert of China International Contractors Association. Currently Dr. Li acting as executive director of National Energy R&D Center for LNG Technology; project manager of major science and technology of CNPC nature gas liquefaction key technology. Dr. Li has long been engaged in international engineering market development, international project management and the management of technology development. Ten more pieces of academic papers publisher in China and overseas. He has won many awards and eight national patents.

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