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2020 Speakers

Luo Xiaofeng

Director Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, China Classification Society


Mr Luo Xiaofeng graduated from Wuhan University of Water Transportation Engineering in 1986, he joined CCS the same year, and was promoted to General Manager for CCS Singapore branch in 2004. From May 2011 to now, he directed and completed the establishment of Index System for the Standardized Inland Waterways Ships, Rules for Green Inland Ships, Guidelines for Evaluation of Inland Waterways Ships’ Collision Resistance Ability, Rules for Natural Gas Fuelled Ships, Rules for Classification and Construction of Liquefied Natural Gas Bunkering Pontoons, Rules for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering ships, Technical Regulations for Statutory Inspection of Inland Waterway Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk, and Rules for construction of inland waterway ships(2016), etc. He has taken charge of a great variety of national scientific research projects (launched by MOT, MIIT, and MOST) and received prestigious awards due to his outstanding contributions.