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2020 Speakers

Zhang Yuquing

Former Deputy Director - General National Energy Administration


Zhang Yuqing, worked in his early years for the National Energy Planning Commission, then moved to the Energy Bureau of State Economic Commission, before joining the State Planning Commission serving as Deputy Director of the Division of Transportation Energy and Director of Basic Industries Division.
More recently he worked in National Department and Reform Commission and he was appointed as Division Chief of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Energy Bureau, he also served as the Office Director of National Petroleum Reserve Office (deputy director level). In November 2007, he worked as Deputy Director General of Energy Bureau as well as the director of National Petroleum Reserve Office. In August, 2008, he attended to National Energy Administration as Subministry Department Chief for Oil and Gas Division (National Petroleum Reserve Office). In July, 2012, he worked as a Party member of National Energy Administration and the Deputy Director General (a member of academic committee in National Department and Reform Commission). He also took charge of Oil and Gas Division of National Energy Administration and International Cooperation Division